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(timbre merchant extraordinaire)



first some pix of our house-wolves past + present,

"gone but not forgotten"

like in my pal's song

Sukie 002a.jpg (69290 bytes)           Sally.jpg (63490 bytes)

  Sukie                       Sally  

   so gentle with that foam ball             (with 2 dummies)         

        Jun 1977 - Sep 1992            01 Oct 1989 - 12 Jun 2002   

what characters they were, we really do miss them


these house-wolves currently guard us

Dscn3117a.jpg (63572 bytes)    Dscn2147a.jpg (62583 bytes)    Dscn3358c.jpg (63121 bytes)

  Susie                  Lucy                      Daisy      

  Jul 1992                        May 2002                               Jul 2004        

,,,,,,, and now for something totally dissimilar  

remember to

click on images for hi-res pix


last updated 13 Feb 2006



              deep sea fisherman.jpg (91344 bytes)             



?? email me if you want to know what it is ??


is the brainchild of a 
nonconformist imagination.

All nachtsmeer trax
are produced at the local "timbre den" in
traeger-nachtsmeer, clearly unmarked on all
good maps, closer than some far away places,
but further away from other close ones.

nachtsmeer does not live in rural Britain
is not married with 2.4 kids and
never went to University, ((until recently))
never studied any "ologies" 
nor the social behaviour patterns of
the lesser spotted Boddingtons beer swiller
(fast becoming an endangered species)

nachtsmeer is very fond of animals
of various flavours,
most in fact, 
prepared, flavoured + seasoned in
assorted ways,
except vegetarians

Hobbies include breathing in and out regularly,
generally existing in the current dimension,
phoneticism, being an unvocabulationary and
most importantly

!!! Making NOIZIZ !!!


cables.jpg (90267 bytes)

this is just a whacky picci of cables

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